Rise of the Runelords


- We traveled to the town priest to receive a blessing before returning to the underground dungeon at thistletop. Priest was no help.
- Went to the Mayor’s office to discuss what we had found in our last trip to thistletop, apparently the guy in armor is believed to a merc from Riddleport.
- At the Rusty Dragon inn we find that Amico has packed up her adventure gear and has left to find her recently escaped brother Tsuto. She headed out the North Gate
- We packup and return to thistletop to finish our clearing of the thistletop.
- When exploring the underground tunnels we find Tsuto’s notes about the town attack
- Drewson defiles a statue of Lamashtu and takes two magic Kukri’s from her hands.
- The party fights two yeti hounds, Chalmer runs for his life during the fight leaving drewson to fight alone.
- Chalmer breaks his thieves tools twice trying to pick basic locks.
- The party engages Bruthazmus and his four hoes. Drewson again is relied upon to defeat the enemy with little help from the party. Once drewson best bruthazmus in combat, the party interrogates bruthazmus. We find out the towns previous priest was stolen and burned on the alter by Nuallia in some ritual. Bruthazmus also spills the beans about this friends and their work. Once bruthazmus’s usefulness wanes the party kills him.
- The party continues to explore the dungeon and we find a planning room with a chalkboard. Apparently this is the location were the bad guys made their plans for future attacks on the city. The party find a reference to a “whispering beast” that Nuallia is attempting to tame, and a army of sinspawn under the town.
- Adjacent to the planning room we find Orak and lyre working when drewson opens the door. Drewson slams the door shut and starts a fire infront of the door in hopes to let the two die smoke. Unfortantly this plan failed when Orak was able to push the fire out of the way, and commence attacking the party. Few short minutes later the party dispatches the Orak and Lyre.
- The party takes rest in a small room outside the planning room.
- The next day the party investigates the room we found Orak and Lyre working in, and find a hidden pathway which leads downstairs, which we surmise Tsuto and Nuallia are located.
- Chalmer checks for traps on the secret passage and perceives a trap, which actually never existed. Drewson believes Chalmers is becoming noticeably sloppy in his adventuring lately, and may not have the heart for such dangers.
- Upon further exploring the party finds a room with a large column of gold, Drewson can detect illusion magic at play, however the party cannot determine the purpose. The party moves on.
- The next room reveals three shadow demons after the party enters. Krantz is taken out of battle early on, suffering from massive str damage. After a couple of hits Chalmers again runs off leaving Drewson to fight the three shadows alone. Drewson again slays his foes effortlessly and heals Krantz while waiting for Chalmers to come out of hiding.
- When Chalmers returns, Drewson has to give Chalmers and Krantz an inspiring speech to keep pushing forward. Chalmers and krantz begrudgingly agree.
- A few rooms later we find Nuallia and Tsuto occupied with their business. Under Drewson expert leadership, the party changes battle tactics and focus our attacks on Tsuto resulting in a quick death. Drewson then drops his Sheild and mace and turns his attention on Nuallia with his GreatSword. Krantz runs in fear of Nuallia, when drewson engages Nuallia. Drewson and Chalmers fights an epic battle with Nuallia , however Nuallia eventually falls to drewson sword.
- After gathering krantz, the party returns to town with Nuallia body, along the way we find Amico and inform her of her brothers quick demise.



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