Rise of the Runelords

The duo decided to explore the glassworks at the behest of the old maid in the Rusty Dragon inn. Tsuto’s note to Amiko radiated deceit, thus prompting Professor Chalmers to goad his short companion, Drewson, into action.

They made their way to the glassworks. Upon arriving, Drewson noted the still in the air. For a day of business, the sounds of labor failed to ring from the building.

The adventurers carefully entered, finding not a soul in the first room. This aroused their interest. They cautiously moved forward into the next room. As they entered this room, they were beset by a horde of goblins. Chalmers began the battle by placing an arrow through the head of one of the goblins. A battled raged as the goblins recieved reinforcements, but they were soon subdued into retreat.

The heroes fleeted after their cowardly foes into another room. In this room they found an open floor safe, empty except for a key. Chalmers procured this key, knowing the value of obtaining the quickest solution to any lock. After examining this room, and other adjoining rooms, they processed downstairs… presumably after the goblins.

Once they entered into the darkness of the new depths, Drewson pulled a torch from his pack to illuminate the situation. The newfound light gave Professor Chalmers a chance to examine a recently dismantled brick wall. Chalmers knew what this could mean, and quickly hurried Drewson into the dark expanse behind it.

Down this hallway, two doors appeared to their left. The first opened into a simple 5×10 room. In the second, a battered Amiko. Try as he might, the Professor urged a response from the unconscious maiden. It wasn’t until Drewson called on the divine that she stirred.

Amiko, when woken, whispered into Chalmer’s ear. She bode forewarning of her brother’s plan, with the help of a mysterious Nualia, to bring down the city of Sandpoint. He offered her solace, and when she refused, spoke of going to Thistletop before sending her away to her doom.

Chalmer’s sent the maiden away to safety before suggesting that the duo proceed into the darkness.

A few doors later, and the Goblinbane himself heroically burst into a room containing the vile Tsuto and his army of goblins. With mild assistance from Drewson, the gallant Chalmers bested the goblins, and eventually Tsuto, in combat. Sparing his life, they resolved to bind his hands and deliver him to the garrison. For their troubles, the duo found the following treasure:

  • 10 Platinum Pieces
  • 300 Gold Pieces
  • 30 Silver Pieces
  • Composite Short Bow – +1 strength bonus
  • Nondescript Potion
  • Ring
  • Silver Earring
  • Masterwork Thief Tools
  • Masterwork Flute
  • Journal

While Chalmer’s painstakingly gathered the items, Drewson attached a length of rope to both his and Tsuto’s waist. The heroes led the villain away.

They reached the first floor of the glassworks and encountered the fair maiden, Amiko. She was distraught at the sight of her treacherous brother and refused to converse with him. The heroes continued on to the garrison.

As they approached, Tsuto began to widely grin. This caused great anger in Chalmers, who then intimidated Tsuto by feigning a kick to his crotch. Chalmers, of course knowing the value of intimidation, pulled his kick at the last second allowing it to miss.

They arrived at the garrison and submitted Tsuto to a cell. The stubborn dwarf, Drewson, elected to stand watch over the villain. Knowing the immediate need, Chalmers withdrew the journal and flipped through its pages.

The journal contained maps detailing various plans of attack on Sandpoint. One of the maps was even circled, its details matching those of the goblin raid a few nights prior.

The journal also contained a great number of ravings by the insane Tsuto. He wrote of vengeance against Sandpoint, aided by a horde of goblins. Also in his writings were mentions of aid from a Nualia. The tale turned bleak with the mention of the successful extraction of the body of Father Toban and potential aid from Lamashtu, the goddess of nightmares, madness and monsters.

With this, the tales of the heroic Chalmers and his trusty sidekick Drewson must pause for a slight reprieve.



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