Rise of the Runelords

Sandpoint City 7/29/2012

  • PC’s started in Sandpoint City the day of festival in honor of the new church of Desna Opening.
  • Chalmers and Drewson met up after Chalmers tried to sell a free lunch to the crowd Drewson was in.
  • PC’s learned that the church had burned 5 yrs ago.
  • PC’s made acquaintance with the town mayor and received tickets to the evening show.
  • Goblins attacked the festival right after dark. PC’s saved several towns people, and Duke Aldern Foxglove.
  • PC’s were labeled town heros after embellishing up their minor squirmish with the goblins.
  • PC’s investigated the grave robbing of the old high priest. It appeared the grave robbing was performed by humans, not goblins as the town sheriff thought.
  • Chalmers has relations with the gernal store owners daughter, and got caught in the act.
  • Met the new high priest of the church and explained our thoughts on the goblin atk being a cover up for the grave robbing.
  • PC’s went hunting with duke foxglove and Drewson had slain a rare cougar.
  • PC’s met a bard during a battle with a stranded goblin.
  • Drewson drank the slimy water from the hagfish tank at the local bar.
  • PC’s met the local Ranger and learned of the 5 Goblin Tribes working together.
  • Town sheriff asked PC’s to stay in town and protect the people while he leaves to solicit for addition guards.

Things to Follow up on next gaming session:

  • PC’s learned that the owner of the rusty dragon’s father is involved with the dangers facing the city. She left to meet her estranged brother one night, but has not returned. PC’s will investigate next gaming session.
  • Sheriff should arrive with addition guards.
  • Investigate the goblin layer of the 5 tribes to try and find out why they are working together.
  • Drewson to pickup his cougar items
  • Find persons or person responsible for priest grave robbing.



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